Is violin harder than piano? – Learn Guitar Or Violin

October 26, 2020

(Not at all. If a violin player doesn’t like the sound of a piano, it doesn’t mean they won’t like my singing)

In fact, the answer is more complicated than that. My question is not asking for a specific answer because the answers are not given with a blanket response.

My challenge to your question is, do you have a good reason why only violin music is considered harder than piano music, or do you think all sorts of music would be better off playing on different instruments? (I didn’t think you would say only orchestral music). It makes me wonder, why does it seem like guitar and bass are almost too easy to play, that they’re too easy to learn, that they’re not hard enough, that they are too easily manipulated for any real performance ability (that’s just what the teachers tell us.) It’s my thought, that those who play guitar and bass, and who can easily manipulate them, would find it very easy to learn to sing on any instrument, even piano, and that could prove very interesting to research.

To sum up, in the following answer I would emphasize and simplify:

The reason you should try different instruments

A lot of people complain that all music is the same. And some people argue that guitar is the same as piano.

But in reality, guitar and piano are not the same, they are different instruments, each with its own sound and character. The reason why I say most music is the same, is because it’s very important to learn, the best, but what you’ll quickly notice if you try to play some guitar and piano for any length of time, is, that the sound of them differs considerably. I could go through everything for hours (but you’ll be sure to be bored), but I’ll keep it simple for you with a few simple statements:

First of all, there are several differences that can easily be recognized, that will quickly make your guitar and piano playing better and more natural (and more fun.)

Second of all, guitar often sounds louder, that can give the illusion if you listen to it, that there is more power behind it. For instance you can take the string away on a few guitar songs, and suddenly, your guitar can sound very different again and you won’t even realize. For those who are familiar with guitar, you might call it very “heavy”, with a lot of power behind it. But it’s not really that much. It’s

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