Is Cello harder than violin? – Violin Notes For Twinkle Twinkle Little Star For Beginners

November 10, 2020

No. It’s like a cello that isn’t easy to work with–it has a very particular type of vibration that is quite similar to a saxophone, and it has a very different type of string tension that I’ve never felt on a guitar.

Are there different tensions found on different string sets?

The strings of an electric guitar will not last very long, and you have to tune down to get the strings to play well; when they’re set low, no one wants to hear them as a guitar. You need more tension on the strings of a electric piano. The strings are more durable, they won’t wear out, and therefore will play even better than the electric guitars, but you get to set the strings in a different time, so you have to set them at what I think of as three different tempos–two different speeds. So the strings have all these different sets of tension that you’re changing between. It’s not a mechanical situation, it’s more of an idea situation, the idea being that you’re playing a piece of music and you want two different pieces of music to play at the same moment. You can’t have too much tension on the strings, because if one string is in the wrong tempo, all of the other strings are going to play at different tempos, so it’s a situation that if one string is in a bad tempo, you have to set the other one in a different tempo.

I heard you work in a factory. How does that work?

Yeah. I used to work at General Electric, and I worked for General Electric’s factory, that is now called “The Music Factory.” There were actually 10 of us working for General Electric, and we were making electric keyboards, and there was a whole area of work where it had to be perfect. The factory was called this “Satellite of the Arts,” and it was located in this industrial area, where they tested the production methods and the processes that were used for each type of product, as well as all the different machines around the factory. We would have a huge assembly line, and we would do them one at a time, and I really learned about the quality control, the quality, the product. When we made things like keyboards, there were thousands of keys and we had to take hundreds of different keys to make sure the different models made it. Then there was an entire process of hand washing so that the keyboards would actually last forever. The keys would be dried and

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