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November 9, 2020

How Much is a violin worth?

Viola cost and value

How much is the violin worth?

Here are some of the common prices for violins:

Dana Siskiou: $17,000 (2014)

Dana Siskiou

Dana Siskiou

This Italian violin maker is known for their high-end, hand-spun Italian violin. The most popular model is the Dana Siskiou B-2. The company makes over 120 B-2 violins and sells them at an incredible price.

Dana Siskiou B-2 violins have been featured on the cover (above) and cover (below) of TIME magazine. In September 2015, the company released a model with a more modern “diamond back”. The company is a world-renowned violin manufacturer.

Dana Siskiou also produced a special edition violin for the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Roland Guitars, Inc: $14,450
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Roland Guitars, Inc

The most popular Italian violin maker is Roland Guitars, Inc. The company is founded in 1957 and made the Guitars Guitars 1, Guitars 2 and Guitars 3. The Guitars Guitars 1 was released in 1984 and is the original model that makes up the Roland Guitars catalog.

The Guitars Guitars 2 was released in 1982. It was a direct descendant of the Guitars 2. It was one of the first guitar systems to use an integrated pedal system and has become one of the most iconic guitars in the industry. It has an acoustic and electric versions.

The Guitars Guitars 3 was released in 1985 and is the newest model in the series. It is a modern-day guitar that uses electronic tone matching with a pickup and a 3-band EQ. The guitar is a direct descendant of the Guitars 2.

All models are offered in three different finishes and are made in the same factory, which produces the Guitars 2, Guitars 3, and Guitars B Series.

Here’s an album that features guitars from Roland Music- a German subsidiary of Roland (one of the most notable German manufacturers).

How much is a violin?

Viola cost and value

Here’s what’s a standard violin price in Austria:

A note on value.

Buying a violin isn’t so much about where the instruments

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