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September 30, 2020

The most common and most common price to pay for a violin is from around 10-15.000€ . A very nice and a very good violin could cost more from 30,000€ .

I know that some violins are extremely expensive, such as the “Serenity” , or the “Orphan” or “Cherub” or the “Yokohama” .

Some “Serenity” are even considered to be a great instrument (but to compare them with the new violins that are available today, is not true. Some of them are also “old” too, but they are only a few years old, and they are no more than the “Serenity” of this article).

You can usually get a “Johann” for less than 1000€ . If the violin has the original wood or an antique finish, a “Johann” could cost over 50000€ .

Or the “Cherub” could be considered that the “Oscar-winning” . For that kind of price, you cannot argue with what the manufacturer is claiming. However, if you have the original, beautiful wood of the “Cherub” , or a beautiful antique finish, or have the original hand-struck wood (with a masterful and expert bow), there is no way that “Cherub” should make 5500€ , or 10,000€ .

In those cases, “Cherub” is an impossible buy for someone without the luxury of owning a “Cherub”.

How much does the “Cherub” cost in Italy ?

Well, you have to check this carefully:

“Cherub” may not be available for purchase in Italy, in case of a very very good handmade, handmade piece.
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However, I had my “Cherub” for a year and a half in France – so, it must be a real high end piece.

The “Cherub” is not cheap for an Italian buyer.

In Italy, there are plenty of dealers who sell “Cherub” in the market, and they can sell for anywhere from 9,000$ to 14,000$, if they have all kind of prices on their websites.

As in the other countries, there are more good “Cherubs” than there are bad “Cherubs” too.

The “Cherub”

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