How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Vibrato First Year

September 10, 2020

1. Listen to its sound.

2. Look inside its case.

3. Try to remember how it is stored.
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If I lose or break my violin, the first thing I do is call the store or museum that owns it. I look online to learn how to file a claim (if the dealer isn’t available), and go through the necessary paperwork and paperwork for the warranty.

How is it stored?

In the US, many violin cases are built with metal, while some are made with wood (like the French cases made with solid wood for the French violins – click here for more info). All of these cases are sealed with a protective foam lining, making it very difficult for damage to an instrument to occur.

You should not store your viola in a place where it could get wet. Also be aware of where the violin rests in the case (on the top or bottom – depending on the size of the case).

Most violins stored in a high traffic place might have little or no padding between the instrument and the case. This can lead to water getting into the case.

Be sure to protect the case with a thick foam and put a protective seal over the exposed sides of the case to prevent water get inside.

If this happens, you can always replace the case. The strings will be longer and they might be a good purchase for a replacement. A new case can cost around $200.

Is it a legal instrument?

The US copyright law does not recognize the use of electronic devices inside the case for storage. Violins cannot be played on a cell phone, nor can they be played with an iPod, etc.

Even so, a case is not 100% illegal in the US. A violin can still be imported if it meets certain requirements. These include being made by an authorized dealer, being a US Citizen, and being registered for sale through the US Postal Service.

What kind of cases are found in US stores?

Most major US markets have cases that are made in Italy – click here to see a list of the top-ranked violin stores. For international markets, violins can be found in international or Asian factories that have been approved by the Italian Ministry of Culture – click here to find out more about Italy’s music industry.

For US violins, we also have the best-selling brand Stradivarius as part of our catalogue. The Strad, or

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