How do I buy my first violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One On The Fear Of Death

September 22, 2020

You can try to get one by contacting a violin maker and asking them for a list of dealers or buying through other online retailers.

If someone else offers you an instrument, get in touch – it may be that she or he is working on a different model of violin, or they are not sure if they have a genuine product or just some old stock. Most of the time, they know their trade so it’s more likely they will know you won’t just go out and buy an identical model, but it may be worth asking about the condition of the instrument.

Some manufacturers have online shops where they sell new instruments directly to buyers with a credit card, e-mail address or phone number instead of shipping. If this isn’t available, you will need to find someone who can buy your instrument from you in person. However most of the time you can buy used instruments from some local players and dealers – ask to borrow a violin from them or see what has been done in the past to bring them in-stock.

can also visit a dealer if you have a friend that you know might like to play an instrument with you. A dealer may have some instruments in reserve for someone else – sometimes it may not cost a lot of money to see what is available.

Will I get a good deal for the violin I buy?

No – if you compare the prices you get online compared with those in your local pawnbroker or shop, you will probably find you are paying more for a used copy. Often these instruments have a lot of wear and the price you pay will reflect this. It may be the case that a used violin has been sold more than once – the buyer may still want to buy that copy to play on. Don’t forget that there will be shipping costs if the instrument goes to a different country.

If you have had a good instrument, have a good eye for what is original about it and remember that these days there are plenty of high priced guitars and pianos but not very many guitars that are playable. Don’t expect to get bargains on a used violin – don’t make that commitment if you want the instrument to last – there will always be someone who wants to sell it. There are some websites such as eBay that sell used instruments, but be aware that many sellers sell only the newest copy so don’t expect it to be in good condition.

Have a good idea what you can afford to pay to buy a genuine model. If you think

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