How difficult is violin? – Violin Notes For Songs Hindi

October 2, 2020

The difficulty is that you always have to try to find something more interesting than the thing you’re trying. For example, on the piano there are so many more sounds. You find one sound or one tone that you like. But on the violin you always have lots of noise. On the keyboard you only have the keys. There are no sounds on the guitar. You can only play with one sound, and not more. So you cannot make it more interesting, you cannot make it more stimulating.

In our age it’s only possible to do what the best people of our time are doing: to invent things on the computer, to invent things from an original design, to create things from scratch. In the case of music, the best people are still listening the same old stuff, the way it was written, the way it was recorded. Even if the musicians are not playing this piece differently, they may still be trying to make something new and different. It’s hard for us to change from what they are making. Because we are in a different time. And we have to do something from scratch.

If someone writes in a sheet of paper a musical composition as we do, he knows that the composer will have something new and different to do. If he doesn’t, he will just copy the paper and then give up. So I really want a new new musical piece. But the paper will not be good enough. On the piano there are lots of ways we can do it. Not everything can be done exactly as you do it, just as you try to get the best possible effect. There is no formula. There are many possible ways to create music. And then there is only one way to put it on stage. That is, you make it. There is no other way—you make it yourself.

A little bit like a story

Q. Do you think more people will see and enjoy your music in the future?

A. I don’t know. The situation today is that the music is available everywhere and it’s very hard to find the music that doesn’t work. It’s as though there’s nothing special to it whatsoever.

The point of all of this is that at the moment it’s an empty space. I believe that this space will grow bigger. For example, in the future people will come to see this show, and they will be able to walk down and touch it. This will be a very different thing. Not only because of the size of it

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