Does Yamaha make violins? – Learn Violin Books

October 25, 2020

Yamaha is a company with a mission: to create instruments that bring joy to everyone around them. All our violins play a major role in that mission. So, we’re proud to be working with Yamaha, the world’s most renowned artist-designed pianos – from the highly innovative Stradivarius and Tenor, to the most affordable Violin. And you can hear our passion for creating amazing guitars on our videos.

What makes your violins different from other violators?

We’re different. We’re a new design from a Japanese-American company that’s been at the forefront of innovation. Our first product, our new Stradivarius, was created almost 100 years ago, before the violin was patented. Our aim was to create instruments that could never be duplicated and yet not lose their unique character. In fact, we think a great deal about what happens when you remove the human element from the process: every violin gets equal design consideration. We were inspired from the world of modern classical music and our design aims to capture every nuance of what makes the violin “perfect” (and sometimes more): a unique appearance, smooth handling, a warm sound with a distinctive tone, a wide range from loud to soft.

You’ve designed violins for several Grammy Award winning artists, yet are there any specific violins that you designed that never made it to recording?

The Stradivarius was our first to hit the Billboard charts…it also won gold from Cézanne…in the ’80s it was the first to be played by John Denver. It’s also one of those violins that is loved by countless players. But it was never played in recorded form.

This is the Stradivarius.

And there’s the Tenor on the other side of the table. This is the Tenor, built by Yamaha…built in Japan. But for many years it was impossible to be found in any recording contract, never to make it on a regular record.

Are you surprised to see people wearing the same brand?

No. It’s not a coincidence. We like our customers to find a quality product at a low price. Every violin is made with a unique and unique design, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a unique sound. You can tell a lot about the instrument from the sound…and a design can tell you a lot about the performance. So, we try for a unique sound that captures every nuance

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