Does Yamaha make violins? – How To Learn To Play Piano At Home

November 17, 2020

Yes, Yamaha. Yamaha, Yamaha has long been the most trusted name in violins. The R50, A10 and B9.5 and 10 are renowned for being the finest instruments in the world.

Which model are you using on stage?

I use a R50, B9.5 and an A10.

What is the current state of the Yamaha?

I am currently using a B9.5 Violin. I am very happy with the result!

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The most important thing is the sound we obtain on stage. That’s very important and it has a very strong connection with the audience. It’s really a “feel the music” instrument. I am always asking myself “Will I hit the notes exactly”.

Is it accurate to use the B9.5?

Yes, this model is a B9.5 violin. The most important thing is that you can hear the bass. The best bass in the world is not enough if you do not have “good” bass notes.

How long have you been using a violin model like this one?

I started using the B9.5 Violin in 2006 when I was at an international level tournament at the prestigious Barcelona School of Music, Spain.

What I was doing then was a combination of working with other violins, such as R30, A10, C1, C2 and C4, and using the B9.5. I had just come to the Catalan School of Music, where I trained for a year and I played in most of the competitions and received plenty of requests. So I decided to buy the Yamaha and use it there for about two years.

However, I then changed my mind and decided to return to using the R30 and A10. I have only used the B9.5 Violin for a year. And if I have to say, I do not think its the most accurate instrument in the world. I always compare it to an acoustic guitar. Of course the sound quality is far beyond anything that I have used in the past.

I guess I am only used to one good violin in my life. But this one was good enough for me.

Have you been using the new B9.5 for long periods?

I am always using it when there’s a great moment in the show but before the rest of the band plays. And even in the middle of a concert I

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