Do violins hold their value? – How To Play Violin Notes

August 26, 2020

They do not? You need to learn to see them as a potential asset or as a liability. Violins are a form of art! They can be a great way to develop your musicianship and the passion that fuels you both. They are a beautiful instrument that can change the way you look at the world and inspire in you how to create something extraordinary. They can be used to take you to places that are otherwise simply not available. It is up to you to use and decide what kind of violins will work best for you. This is something that will take time to get in your head.

Have you ever been to a violins bar???

Of course! I went to a violins bar once and they had something like 5,000 violins and viola bows. There were so many that no one knew where to begin. It was a blast, but something I wish I had gone to more times.

Are the violins expensive or do you still have money leftover, or are you okay with paying the higher prices?

I’ve always been a little stingy with my violins. I still have a pile somewhere. I buy them second hand and have never gotten to the point where I feel like I need to sell them at a high price. The problem is that sometimes when I do sell them they go way too fast. If, however, you have some funds left over and don’t feel like buying a big new violins for your shop or classroom, maybe it’s time to do it! In any case, I feel you need to take some money in in savings just for the sake of saving to put down some money for a violins. Some violins are only $300 but I always love a nice old viola.

Why do you think there are so many violin violins that haven’t quite survived the transition to the modern age and the advent of vinyl and the internet? Is it simply an oversupply?

I can only guess. I suppose sometimes they were over-valued before they lost their value. Also, there are only so many violins that one can buy on an average shelf (and I only buy used!) I know that some people use violins for teaching and some people use them for teaching music, but they will still end up coming into a drawer and going to the dump afterwards.

How to Play a Violin As a Beginner: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
Some might find it helpful to buy two or even three violins if you can find one good one (and of course

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