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August 12, 2020

Will your bows shoot in a weird and erratic fashion? Will your arrows seem to have an almost physical influence on other bows and arrows? If you look at it as a whole, I think these are good problems to think about. In general, rosin tends to increase the stiffness of bows and arrows. On the other hand, a few inches too much of it can also be a problem, but since you don’t want too much, you typically want to leave about 10%, which we often refer to as the ‘sweet spot’. So if you have too much rosin in your bow, or don’t know where the sweet spot is, you really shouldn’t be putting too much rosin in there.

What about other things you put in your bow? These are more difficult, since these are generally things like string, cord/wounds, and even other things that have a material, like foam, rubber, or synthetic cord. Here are some ideas for things that are generally not recommended for arrows.


I’m going to let our friend Mr. Lachman give us some pointers. To stack your arrows, you have to look at one thing first:

If you stack them all nicely, the ends will stay nice and tight. That’s because the arrows will shoot out in a straight line, but the ends will move slightly as the arrow flies through the air, so they will go the wrong directions. This is probably the major downfall of the stacking technique.

Most people find that stacking improves their arrows. So how do I do it? First, you first have to take the arrows, like, the same direction (i.e. up, down, left, right.) Next, you stack them at an angle, so the end of the arrow is on the same “way” as the rest of the arrows.

Now, you can shoot each arrow from above or below or whatever. The difference between above and below is just the angle to stack. If you stack, for example, a four-pointed arrow, it will shoot out of the same spot as the other arrows. If you stack it, it will come over on the bottom and go to the top of the stack. So that’s just the angle, and the arrow will shoot straight down.


OK, I’ll let Mr. Lachman talk about this a bit more personally. It’s quite simple, actually.

You can actually use a couple of different

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