Can you learn violin at any age? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Magnetism For Kids

October 31, 2020

In terms of my age it depends how long you can keep up with the basics. There is no such thing as too young and very little is too late for violin.

Do you think people have misconceptions about you?

I think it would be really nice to see people more interested in my music. People tend to shy away from my music, they think I’m a pretty nice young person who just happened to get a gift from the gods (laughs). In truth I just happen to be blessed with a wonderful talent that I can’t be happier about.

Does the violin really enhance your performance in school?

I love what I do. Of course violin is my passion and it is what I choose to do, but I do think that people do get the impression that playing the violin is making you feel like you’re a super-achiever.

Do you feel like when you do your music there’s a certain amount of pressure?

At first, definitely. I know from my own personal experience there is just so much pressure, especially if you’re young. Sometimes I feel like I’m a little like James Lipton, as a kid I had to do everything at the highest level. I was only allowed to do what I had to do to succeed.

But now, after a lot of practice and lots of studying the process is so much easier than when I was younger. If you look at anything in life there’s pressure, but when you live your life as best as possible you should be happy about it and be able to live life like the greatest people you can be and do what you think is the right thing.

Do you think the violin has given you a greater insight into life?

I hope so. If I can do that and give back and to others how I feel that that makes me happy and more powerful at my age.

Do you take any medication?

I’m not one of those people like Dr. Spock or even Dr. Brown who sits around and medicates himself. I don’t do that sort of thing. I try everything I possibly can to stay healthy. But I do take some medicine to help with headaches and stomach problems and for migraines when I’m on medication.

Will you tell me more about this Dr. Brown show?

Yes, I will. He’s been a brilliant doctor and we’re going to do a little musical education program at some concert halls in the south of France

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