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September 14, 2020

“Probably. I think there’s something special about it. You’re learning something that will define you. It is in your blood.

“My grandmother always says that I would have been great at anything. I would like to learn all the instruments. I’ve never missed or failed. The first few times I’ve been wrong, it’s been so long and I’ve gone through it all – all the lessons. I thought that if I just kept working hard, I would get the hang of it – and I do.”

The future can certainly seem quite dark – although even as you grow up you are becoming more mature – but, if anything, it’s getting brighter. With the help of Beardsley, you were crowned national player of the year for a sixth, a first for the club – and that’s a record. You were recently awarded a contract – even though, according to Beardsley, it’s because you’re “a pretty good kid.” How do you feel about that?

“Yeah, it’s very nice, although I was very surprised. I don’t know when I did that, but I had to take a look at it and think if it’s that good. I was shocked. It was the first time I heard the term ‘talent’ at a children’s event. I think it’s true that I am the most talented child there. But there’s no reason for it. I think I have more talent than other kids and, on a professional level, I am not just good enough to get a spot. I’m great, which is not always in the headlines. I have the best team. We should be even better. We don’t want to go on and repeat ourselves. It is not fair to ask players to come and work for free. It’s not what I want to do.”

Do you feel as though you’ve already achieved that much?

“I still have more to achieve. I know that I have a lot of room. I have been given more chances. I have made more appearances than anyone else. But I know that I am not playing as much as other kids – and I feel very, very lucky.”

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Are you more frustrated or more concerned with where things are?

“I think you will have to talk to people for that. But I know that this is my dream – and that it is a good one and I’m passionate about it. I enjoy it. This is where I want

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