Can violin be self taught? – Beginner Violin Sheet Music Open Strings

November 5, 2020

Many students and teachers think of self teaching as someone else teaching their own instrument – but that’s incorrect. This is actually another form of learning called the “self learning” method, and is based on scientific and personal information from practicing practitioners of the instrument. The term “self teaching” also refers to the fact that you don’t necessarily need to be a teacher to learn new skills and know how to play the instrument (otherwise, we might never learn something new). There is an enormous amount of information published by qualified instrument educators who teach their students. You may find one here or search Wikipedia or YouTube. The more you know about how the instrument works, the more you will discover more questions and ways to play the instrument safely and effectively, which will translate into many skills and ways to think outside the box with your new instrument.

Is it difficult to learn the instrument?

Some beginners will find it difficult to learn the instrument at first, but many will find it very fun to learn how to play the instrument so a little effort is not required. That said, a major focus of education should be on what it takes to learn the instrument. It’s hard to have fun if you know a lot about the instrument and know a lot about how it behaves. The more information the more you gain and the more successful playing you are going to develop!

How do I learn the instrument?

There are various ways to learn the instrument, but I find the following four sources especially excellent:





I like to give beginners a choice among the following four methods, because the different one will help them understand how the instrument affects their playing. I recommend taking a video of yourself playing the instrument or looking around for people who may have other good teaching methods online. It would be very helpful to have some musical instruments in your home so it saves time and you are not limited to only the two above, as some of the great teaching methods on YouTube are not available in your home.
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As an introduction that I like to give to my students is to see how much more advanced it is after they learn the beginner method. This applies especially to violin playing – after learning a beginner method,

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