Can I teach myself the violin? – Mastering The Violin

August 27, 2020

Sure, go to your local piano teacher or professional studio teacher and ask if they can teach you one of their grand instruments! A well-trained violinist should be able to play any stringed instrument with or without accompaniment! Of course, some students may be intimidated by the knowledge of their teacher or the need to learn the instrument from scratch – but don’t be afraid to ask for information about their teacher’s learning style, music background and/or experience. Some may even be motivated to learn and work through the learning process to achieve their music teacher’s goals.

And once you’re ready to take on the challenge, consider attending the following concerts offered in the Cincinnati area:

• May 28, St. Luke’s, 1420 Euclid Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

• July 30, The Royal Opera House, 1001 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45226

We’re also hosting some special concert series featuring other well-known musicians, including:

• September 26, St. John’s Episcopal Church (10:00pm)

• November 7, Rivertown Arts Center, 1013 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45226

If your teacher will be teaching you at a concert, check with them in advance to make sure your class will be able to follow suit. If there is an upcoming concert scheduled, we also recommend doing your homework ahead of time – and don’t forget about reading your music teacher’s notes – so you’re prepared for when you have to perform! If your teacher is no longer teaching you, email us at [email protected].

Should I take my music teaching seriously?

Yes! Music teachers are a key piece of the puzzle to becoming a successful professional musician, whether you’re performing on stage, composing on your own in your house orchestra, or performing on a larger musical stage with an orchestra and orchestra band. Music teachers’ love for music and their love of a good concert sound, however, can be more intense than other profession’s musicians. There’s also the added factor that musicians who are already teaching have far more experience and knowledge of music than musicians who are just starting out – which could lead you both to be a little bit on the impatient side when it comes to getting lessons.

But, before you worry too much about being too busy, consider that the work you do can have lasting effects – even long after you’re done studying your instrument. With some hard work, you can have great confidence that

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