Can I start playing violin at 16? – Violin Practice Online

August 24, 2020

Yes. From age 16, you can start playing violin or guitar. We also offer a private school program for gifted students in the area at age 16. Check this link for details.

What about the children of my high school? Can I play with them?

No, but there are a few schools that allow children from high schools. Check this link.

How much does it cost to get started?

Our fees are $50-$175 per week. If you have one child, one time we will waive a set fee in your favor and help cover a set of supplies.

You do not need to be a member nor sign up to start practicing, just the basics should be enough to learn the instrument. There’s no set date or number of hours you work; just play and play some more.

If the fee isn’t covering the cost of the equipment, please contact me through the contact page for your fees and I can help you choose the course that meets your needs and budget.

In a surprising announcement, the Supreme Court announced on Thursday that its landmark gay marriage decisions have paved the way for same-sex couples to wed in Oregon, California, and Washington state. In deciding the cases, justices have confirmed California’s and Oregon’s decisions to legalize same-sex marriage, while the justices declined to hear appeals involving Oregon and nine other states. The new rulings mark the highest court, and among the most high-profile, in recognizing that people should be able to marry the love of their own lives, irrespective of their sexuality.

In overturning the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, the justices said: “Marriage is, by its very nature, a union between a man and a woman. Under the Constitution, that union is the union of one man and one woman only. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution provides that no State shall make or enforce any law which abridges the freedom of persons to hold unpopular political views.” The landmark rulings in the United States have created a global wave of acceptance of same-sex couples in countries around the world, but the justices’ opinion on Thursday made clear that their most dramatic ruling to date may set an important precedent for the American people.

We’ve heard a lot about our new Apple Pay functionality and how it will work when you use a Paypal account from a desktop or mobile device or through the App Store. Today we’re excited to share the details.

When you use Apple Pay, your card details

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