Can a violinist play cello? – Easy Violin Notes For Beginners

September 11, 2020

Of course he has to play it with that instrument, but it’s not as if he is just going down the line with just any other instrument, that’s not how he plays. He’s a different species than a violinist who tries the same thing a few times and finds that the way he is doing it doesn’t work the first time.

Can you take a picture if you are trying to take a picture? Yes, you can, but the artist can’t say, “Look. No. Wait! No, no, wait. Stop! There’s an obstruction in here. I can’t take a picture now.” He needs the picture. Even a film can tell you everything that is in the frame without you telling it.

Can you write a song, and if so, how long does it take? As soon as the idea hits him, he says, “All right, I’ll write it right now,” as if he has just discovered something in the world. That’s because there’s no process. All the writing is done before he thinks about doing it.

Can you play as well in a symphony orchestra as in a classical ensemble and without making mistakes? Of course he can, but not if he goes too fast on the keys, or if he gets bored.

Can you make a piece of music that is good in one setting and terrible in another, and that you would like to hear in another setting? That’s possible. It’s also possible that you will not like the way it sounds in the first place. If the piece fails in the first setting and is terrible in the second, then it was right after the idea came up that it had a great place in someone’s ear.

Can you make a film out of a book or a song, and then put the film in the theater when it’s good? You have to see all the aspects of it; you don’t put a movie in until the sound and music work.

Can you write music as an abstract form? Yes, absolutely. In fact the idea came to him after he made the first piece: Can you write music that’s not really music? That’s where it came from. We didn’t start from the musical theory; he’s a great composer and musician, so he could have written music without any notion of composition. But when he said, “Okay! Let’s write music as an abstract form—that’s where I am,” that was what was at the core of the

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