Can a violinist play a viola? – How To Learn Violin Quickly

November 29, 2020


How do you have the idea to take on a big musical job like this? I’ve always loved music, and since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with the world of music. I started playing when I was around 8 years old! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of musicians and performers, and I’ve learned and grown, so this dream of taking on such an incredible task has finally become a reality.

Will it be interesting as I am not a musical prodigy and am not the best at anything? Yes, I think it absolutely will be a lot interesting! You will definitely not feel as if you do or don’t have much knowledge in your field! In fact, one of the things I will take a lot of pleasure in will be to learn from other people. If we can collaborate and share our experience, then it will also be extremely educational for me and the group we can be. Also, since there will probably be only 1 person who knows everything, everyone will have to listen to someone different every day. It will be very fun and educational for us to learn from all the different perspectives! I really hope it will be like this, since we haven’t had an instructor for a long time.

Will I be able to see and enjoy what you are doing? A little bit yes! There will at least be live performances in a large auditorium.
Key Signatures ~ Music For Violin

A concert will be staged in your home country. What will your role be? On our home tour, we will also be able to work as a team. I am a singer, and will also help teach others. You can see me for example on the video on our website as the violinist and accompanist! We’ll try it in several countries in the coming year.

I see that you have a number of other projects in your portfolio: teaching, teaching with local music companies, and teaching at the European Music Academy. What other projects do you have planned? There are several, but the best one is probably my solo piano album. I had great success with that in 2008 when I won the award in Berlin for Best Solo Artist, and I want to continue to create music with my friends in London. We will also try to collaborate with our international friends, to perform in Europe before the release of the solo album.

How do you feel about the current musical climate in Germany? The situation is very difficult right now. We still have a very small and struggling music

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