Are Yamaha violins good? – Learning The Violin Late In Life

September 8, 2020

I don’t know, really, I’ve never played Yamaha. What are the benefits you might say? Well, it could be that most western musicians don’t like the quality of the guitar. If they can get a nice sound for it they would be attracted to it because of that alone. They don’t really know the instrument as well, and they want something with a quality that is a little bit better than the guitars they normally play.

Some of us prefer things like the V-type, which have a great sound. The D-type has a good sound too. I personally like the F-type too, but it’s really the A-type and then the E-type that I just hate because they are not as comfortable as Yamaha’s.

I have heard that the D-type is very easy to play. Is what you mean?

Well, the sound is great, just like the F-type.

I would also play the A-type.

It’s a really good instrument, and I know some Yamaha players that do too, and I would really have to think hard about which they like, because, you know… you see a lot of good players that are using the F-type. So they have to choose.

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You know that all the violinists that I’ve played with are always using the D-type, and they prefer the sounds of the F-type.

Is it easy to play with Yamaha?

Sure. Of course, the D-type is a much easier instrument to play with. You have to be able to control where you place your hands, where you don’t place it, where you can put a little more pressure on it, and you also have to be able to control the weight of your hands, because it’s actually heavier than the G-type when you put some weight on it.

I just have to have it in my hand for a second. I can’t get any better than it. There’s no doubt about it.

Was it true that when you were young you wanted to play the trumpet, and then you realized playing the clarinet is the way to go?

Yeah. Before I had the chance to actually play the trumpet it was the clarinet. I had studied flute and flute, which was an instrument for singing in a group of singers. I just couldn’t decide which one I was going to use because I wanted to sing, so

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