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August 17, 2020

It’s complicated.”

It’s not. If you’re really serious about being great, and want your music to be heard, you have to listen to a lot and you have to have a lot of time. The more of them you have, the better.

You’ll only listen to a given musician or genre and not all of the music you hear. Do you see a trend among musicians towards more traditional instruments and less electronics?

I’d think so. Certainly with musicians who haven’t been on tour for so long. When you’re a beginner, you don’t want anything to change you. That is a really good thing to understand. Once you get your bearings and gain some experience with certain instruments, the whole style of a band becomes more solidified in your mind and your understanding.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in getting a band of musicians to produce their own music?

There are two challenges. One is the money issue. A band, or even a band with a handful of musicians, has to make their own money, and when you’re paying people, that’s hard. A band’s name and logo will be more valuable than the music they make. That’s an issue you have to overcome.

Then there’s the time issue. You have to work on a schedule. You have to put an end to things that are not productive if you ever wanted to be a band or a musician. For a beginning band, that can only be done with time. You can only be that band for so long.

Are musicians who start out playing classical like pianists or classical musicians better suited for a modern electronic drum kit?

I think so. The difference between classical and electronic music is quite subtle, but certainly classical is very effective in doing what they’re attempting to do. They use the time to create the music.

A lot of the time when they do this, they have a huge budget and they’re very flexible. They’re more of professionals than amateur musicians. They come with a lot of experience.

Is there any particular reason musicians who play classical should spend more time playing an instrument they’re familiar with?

I always thought of [Johann Sebastian Bach] as an example, but maybe it’s that the composer was so experienced with instruments that it was very easy for him to translate his concepts into playing these modern instruments. It has to work.

How do you respond to someone who says music is a waste

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