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November 14, 2020

The top 10 in my country are:

I found this on my Instagram page, and I thought it might be useful to share.  If you can’t imagine what it looks like, imagine the effect when someone goes all “What is that?” on you in the middle of a crowd!  Here’s how it looks;
It looks like all the other people in that crowded theater were saying:
“What is that?”
“What is that?”
“What is that?” ”
What is that?” ”
But when you’re in a crowded theatre with all the other people who’ve done this before, all they can say is: “WHAT IS THAT?!” And at that point, the person who does the “What is that?” becomes the “dumbest” one, then all “that’s really funny” goes to the guy in the “What is that?!” t-shirt, and the guy with the huge earring says “OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!” and the guy who didn’t think they were in a crowded theater when they made that face with the mouth gaping at you is then the “dumbest person” who hasn’t yet seen any comedy yet and can’t really call himself a comedian, and eventually every single person who makes that face and has the mouth gaping at you will call them a comedian. So that is the real potential for getting that stupid face on stage. It’s probably not worth the risk. But there is some danger.  If your face doesn’t look normal but you’re still saying “What is that?” after everyone has called you a comedian, someone will say “YOU THINK YOU’RE COMING AWAY with the joke!?” You will then come away like it was something new that you’ve not seen before. In other words, you’re being judged by someone else.  And if you didn’t get a laugh (or at least you didn’t hear it), you will have made them sad. And it’s not fun for your friends. It’s not fun for your family. It’s not fun for your wife or girlfriend.  It’s not fun for you. But it might be fun for a friend and/or a family member.  You don’t want anyone to have to take it personally, but sometimes you have to let them see what the other person feels when they get a joke wrong.

So my suggestion:   DON’T DO IT !
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