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November 27, 2020

Why did they need ventriloquism? The answer may surprise you.)

In a world filled with video-based media, what is there to do, except to find out what has happened and record it?

In many ways, ventriloquists were pioneers. Even if they were not actively performing and performing only in private, they were still creating something, and ventriloquism became a medium for this to happen.

If anything, it became more difficult to tell a ventriloquist’s lies than it was to tell a telly comedy episode that was only half fiction and half reality.

Inventing Ventriloquism

During and after World War II, ventriloquists started appearing in public, as an alternative to ventriloquus, the public performance of talking.

Their voices were louder than the previous voice of the same length, and they seemed to be able to talk longer than the actors who were supposed to be communicating with their real mouths. They were also able to change their voice pitch and pitch range, at will, and in varying degrees.

Despite this, at their earliest appearances ventriloquists were thought to be merely comedians, who could talk through a dummy, and thus create the illusion of their real talk, since they could do so without a dummy.

After the war, by 1946, a ventriloquist’s kit was available, and the technique became more popular. Some inventors claimed that their kits could not only produce the illusion, but that their ability had been discovered.

This led to the creation of a new category, the ventriloquist’s dummy, which used a dummy’s facial movements and facial expressions as instruments. As such, it could be “talk” to, and produced a performance of the act.

Inventors claimed that their equipment could not only “talk” to; they could also produce a performance within a performance, and create a live performance through a live dummy!

These inventors had the “talk,” but not the performances. And although many of the devices were now being used, the devices remained unknown outside the field of ventriloquism.

Inventors and the First Ventriloquists

Inventors began using their inventors’ kits to create dummy devices used in all types of public demonstrations of the skills and abilities of the ventriloquists.

The first ventr

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