Who invented ventriloquism? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Shrink

October 30, 2020

The answer:

“There was no ventriloquism in India in ancient times, and it was a mere practice invented by some Hindus. It is interesting to note that there is no mention of ventriloquism in any of the classical Indian works which contain accounts of the early progress of India. When a Hindu hears or sees a ventriloquist, the idea of ventriloquism takes on great importance and his enthusiasm for the art increases” (Hare, p. 521).

The Indians never had the ability to hear the sound of a rattlesnake (an essential part of the art), so ventriloquism was invented and used by them to hear their gods and spirits.

Ventriloquism can be heard to the right of the ear, in the direction opposite that which the nostrils point.

“From the back of the head the sounds of the other animals can be heard on the right side of the head as well as on the left. The two ears are always filled with echoes, in which the echoes of the other animals have their place. When a snake enters our house his footsteps carry no echoes. They take on a distinct sound just as an explosion sounds; but he can never be heard through the wall because his reflections strike the wall and carry out their way to where we think he is. The echo which carries his footsteps is the rattling of the walls, or the knocking of the door, or the sound which his body makes in a way which is like the hum of a locomotive, so that in that way he can be discovered” (Hare, p. 522).

You cannot hear the sound of any sound by the ventral nostril alone because the eardrum is too small to accommodate it. The nerves from the brain and nerves from the ear have to find their way through the brain to the back of the nose, so all the noise in your brain is in the right ear.

The ventrios are not the only organs of hearing in the human body. Even the pituitary, the gland which controls the production of endorphins, contains a little soundboard. It gives rise to the “hissing” sound which accompanies menstruation by causing a constant buzzing, a high-pitched sound. The hormone oxytocin is produced in the pituitary by a pituitary gland called the prolactor (Hare, p. 625).


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