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November 9, 2020

Voltaire described it in his The Man Without Qualities (1591).

Who was the first to use ventriloquism?

In this episode, I’ll answer this question, while explaining the origin of the “loud” sound that most Americans refer to as the “laugh.”

How did the term “vibration sickness” originate?

The term “vibrating sickness” first appeared in an essay written in 1829 by a German physician named Dr. Johann Bessel.

Where did the term “vibratory sickness” come from?

The term “vibratory sickness” appeared as a translation of another term – “visconti sickness,” which actually means “flucectomy of the mouth.” What these translations have in common is that they were written after a new kind of medicine was patented and promoted by British scientist Edward Elphinstone (1798–1861). And what Elphinstone found in his own mouth turned out to be a powerful way of preventing coughing and asthma, and the two men called his inventions “visconti sickness,” or “viscontious disorders” before they had even seen anything but a few samples in the laboratory. The British pharmaceutical industry wanted to trademark this idea, so they called their new product “viscontious”, but Elphinstone’s invention was already making its own way around France.

What is the difference between ventriloquism and hyperventilation?

The difference between ventriloquism and hyperventilation is that ventriloquism occurs when one has a loud scream. Hyperventilation is when one is physically exhausted.

How can you tell a man is being ventriloquized?

It appears that if the person sounds like a baby or a dog, he is being ventriloquized.

Isn’t ventriloquism dangerous?

No. It’s just a way of coping with a bad breath. In most cases, if people do have a good fit and the ventriloquists don’t get too rough with their patients, none of the patients will suffer any serious consequences for ventriloquizing their throats.

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