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September 22, 2020

In the 19th century, ventriloquism and dado (also called jacobite, chacabrine, and kamikaze) were also popular and were used as part of an audience trick. The “jacobite” trick is the oldest. In the late 18th century, it reached its zenith in both popularity and prestige and was introduced into France and Italy.

The first recorded use of dado is by an Englishman named Thomas Boulton in 1823. His trick was to move the mouth with the tongue and then let his teeth fall to the lips, then raise the cheeks and mouth. For instance, if you move your lips, the tongue will go to the lips and then back to the mouth to lift the lip.

The act of pushing the tongue (as opposed to the mouth) into the corner of the mouth is often referred to as a “dado thrust” in this example.

The same idea of the push and pull can be applied to a push and tug. A push takes more leverage, whereas a tug is like a tug with more leverage.

This is really interesting. You may not realize it, but the government is using a “recovery time” to force Americans to spend more time on the Internet and to spend more time using their computers.

We are witnessing the most massive, and unprecedented, assault on the Internet in American history. That’s the view from Silicon Valley.

What is happening?

The Federal Communications Commission has been using a recovery time (RP) date of January 16, 2008, to force Americans to spend more time on the Internet. The RP date was first proposed by the FCC in 2010. The FCC claimed it intended to bring the Internet “back to life” – back on track. And, it wanted to “regulate broadband access as a common carrier service.” The RP date was never specified, nor has it ever been changed.

In January of 2008, Chairman Julius Genachowski, a Republican appointee of Presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, proposed a “recovery time” of January 16, 2009 for the Internet to return to business as usual.

On January 6, 2005, the government established the Broadband Policy Review Committee, which advises the Commerce Dept. on regulations for broadband telecommunications.

In 2006, the Commerce Dept. issued rules allowing the Federal Trade Commission to regulate broadband Internet access service, subject

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