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November 12, 2020

And why is it illegal in most cities?

The invention of ventriloquism is probably the largest public invention in human history, and is so big that it is not even considered to be a single invention. The history of ventriloquism is as old as human history itself. Some argue that it all begun with The Hanging Man. The Hanging Man was an American outlaw who hung people on public gibbets, as punishment or to ensure that the victims would not escape. Some people consider this to be the origin of ventriloquism.

A more recent and recent tradition, which has taken over in recent years, is to try and create the feeling of being stuck in a ventriloquist’s chair. This is done by attempting to imitate a moving chair, but that is only an imitation; even the best ventriloquists can be fooled a few times in a live performance. The most famous ventriloquist of all time, The Amazing Mortimer Zuckerman, tried and failed a number of times trying his hand at playing a ventriloquist’s chair.

Buddha Shodassa, Founder of The Himalayan Institute of Meditation,

A couple months ago, I received a letter from a reader seeking permission to publish a brief article on the origins of meditation. I didn’t respond. I didn’t even reply.

I could have just decided to let the story go – and be done with it – but I’m not willing to do that. The more I think about the subject, the more I’m fascinated.

There just seems to be so much to unpack.

We like to think of meditation as an art form – and often people who practice are called practitioners. But the process is as much a science as anything else: it has been studied from more than 100 locations, and we can learn a great deal from our experiments. This post will discuss two of the biggest theories about meditation. The first is the origin of meditation itself: what causes the process of “detention without effort,” as the ancient Chinese would say, and the fact that it’s not all about meditation, and meditation isn’t all about nothing. The second is a theory that is also quite popular: that meditation is the key to happiness. It’s the idea that we can become happy, free from the stress, and free of suffering, simply by “sitting quietly” and paying attention to the breath.

But before the topic

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