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October 14, 2020

You can say ‘It’s a shame’: but you can also say, ‘That’s what it comes with.'”

The book goes into depth, from the point of view of someone who has lost her language, and who wants to use it again, but who has no idea how to properly do so.

The author describes a conversation she had with an older friend, in which they were discussing the meaning and meaningfulness of words. The friend used some examples of words, and said, “They make no sense to me now. Why would they make any sense? They don’t make any sense, because there are too few of them.”

The friend said, “This is not right. They make sense because they belong together. That’s what the word is.”

But the person was confused because she did not understand the point that the word ‘together’ made sense to her. Instead she used words that could not be properly described in words that made sense to her.

And then, when I said the word ‘cocaine’ my friend said, “But they are in the bottle, and it’s not clear whether you have cocaine in the back of your brain or you have cocaine in the front of your brain.” And I said, “That is correct, except that the cocaine is in your brain.”

This book is so fascinating because of how it is both practical, and personal. Many people who may lose their language do not realize how important they are to their people. They may think that losing their language is just a minor inconvenience, but you have lost your cultural heritage, your identity, everything you have learned and developed for years. And it matters so much in our culture.

I think that we will end up feeling that way, that we are losing something very significant even though it may not at first appear so so dramatic. It may come to seem so trivial, but as I learned through The Language Log book, words and their meanings can be as important as money or the size of your wallet, in terms of your personal meaning.

There is something much more significant than money or your wallet. Your life is defined by language. It’s not just where you live, it’s about how you speak. I believe there are people whose lives are so much more important than money or the size of their wallet, that their lives are defined by language.

I think it’s important that the next generation learn the basics of speech. There are plenty of websites

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