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August 6, 2020

The original Toy Story 3 is the first Disney movie with a “vulgar” language. To avoid confusion about the movie’s intended message, Pixar decided to include a line “Vulgar words!” in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme, as part of an attraction titled “Talk Like a Vulgar Cartooner.”

Which Pixar characters have had a strong connection to the word humor?

While it was rare for characters from any of Pixar’s previous films to have any connection to humor, it did happen in some of their later movies. Here are 10 examples:

The Smurfs’ “Mama” and “Daddah” were voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Pat Smurf. In “The Incredibles,” Jessie Smurf was voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. In “Cars,” Giselle Van Sine was voiced by Judy Greer.

Pixar’s “Cars” is the only Disney Pixar movie to receive both the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for best animated film and best story. In addition, “Cars” was the only animated feature to earn more than ten honorary Academy Award nominations.

The world’s oceans are in a deep water state that has caused massive changes in the evolution of marine creatures.

Scientists are now making a connection between the collapse of the North Pacific Ocean and the collapse of the Cenozoic world, reports the BBC.

We know that the North Pacific collapsed about 65 to 75 million years ago and was then replaced with the Pacific Ocean with a new continental structure.

During this new time, some large marine animals survived, like whales. But as the North Pacific started to sink, they became extinct.

In recent years this connection has been made and we know that the North Pacific sea level rose, like a knife slicing through the earth and that the climate changes were not just due to natural variability like the climate changes in Europe at the end of the last Ice Age.

This connection has been made because the climate in the North Pacific at the time was quite different to that in the Western or Southern Hemisphere and a strong El NiƱo (warm water that comes from the Pacific) would have produced a much warmer climate in the North American continent.

But these climate changes also coincided with the massive collapse of the North Pacific Ocean, due to ocean warming caused by the melting of the vast ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

A large part of the sea level rise has occurred

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