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October 10, 2020

The dummy is actually a large puppet that can be moved with the help of wire and levers. If the puppet is “tactless” it is called a “sitting dummy.” If it is “tense” then it is called an “act dummy.” A “straining dummy” is something that is actually “tense.” An “acting dummy” is a puppet that acts out its lines but does not make the movements.

The “vorticity” of the dummy is measured with a large gauge wire. The wire is wrapped around three cylinders, three inches long. It consists of small, thin wire coils that twist in a circle to form a vortice. The dummy is then pulled along the vortices. The “vortices” that the dummy creates will be more or less equal. The dummy may have an “acceleration” at which it will break free of the vortices, thus leaving the dummy in a straight line.

The amount of time needed to pull the dummy is called “dummy time.” “Acting time” is what the dummy actually does after the dummy has begun to move. This is called “real time.”

Once the dummy has reached its original position “acting” it begins to move. If you pull a heavy piece of furniture, this is the part that moves first. The dummy’s center of gravity (center of gravity/center of mass of the dummy) is determined by the direction of the vortices that have been created.

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The weight of the dummy and of the doll, along with the direction of the vortices, determine where the dummy “starts to wobble” and what kind of motion it will make. As mentioned above, the force exerted at the dummy’s center of gravity (center of mass of the dummy) is equal to the weight of the doll, plus its force equal to the momentum of the doll.

Once the dummy starts to move the center of gravity of the dummy decreases, thereby decreasing the amount of movement it makes. This “dummy start” is known as the “dummy hit.” The start of an act is when the center of gravity of the dummy goes up “through” the dummy. This is when “real time” begins!

When the dummy reaches its stopping point at the end of the “act”, the dummy’s center of mass will decrease slightly. If the “active” dummy (the “pulled” dummy) starts moving while the ”

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