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November 6, 2020

“The ventriloquist dummy is used at a school to make sure people like you like to put things into children’s bodies,” he says, adding that parents often have their own ideas about exactly what they think the children’s bodies should look like.

This is what I thought of when I saw this.

If you have kids who are like this, think carefully about putting them in a ventriloquist dummy.

Image from Twitter

I thought of how this photo was posted on Twitter:

This picture of a child on a vent romp can only mean one thing.

There is probably a really good reason for this, but it’s hard to say for sure – just as hard to believe.

However, if you find this photo unsettling, you are probably in a right-wing Christian mind-set that thinks a child’s mind is their real body.

If you can’t handle the thought that a child thoughtfully imagined their body to be “like a ventriloquist doll” you might find yourself in this state too.

If something like this makes you want to scream with joy or maybe just get excited, read on.

There are actually plenty of reasons for this, not the least of which being the fact that they are fun and a fun activity for children.

The most important fact here is that any child has the ability to create their own bodies through play and imagination. That is part of their brain’s creation, and this is something that is not something that can be controlled.

You may not have seen many images of this type of child, because most are taken from videos of babies and toddlers playing with their toy puppets, but if you are in a right-wing Christian, that’s what their view of babies and toddlers entails: tiny little little things that can be manipulated by adults.

But this is just a toy, isn’t it?

Yes. There are lots of toys that are small to the eye, which isn’t something a child is very familiar with, but still, small things can be manipulated easily.

There are also tons of people who make fake babies and dolls out of clay, which is why most people don’t even bother putting their kids in the same kind of play that a child would make in a ventriloquist doll. For this, they have to take advantage of the fact that infants and toddlers have the ability to play with the same parts of their

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