What is a Transviliquist? – Learn Quickbooks Online Fast

October 15, 2020

A Transviliquist is not a writer, or a reviewer, or a blogger. A Transviliquist is a person who is a teacher of the language, who is also a native speaker. A Transviliquist is also someone who is a person who goes about learning the language for both pleasure and to learn the language, as opposed to going through the process where they take a textbook, learn a few phrases or sentences, and then have a textbook as their main source of information. Transviliquists are people who have mastered a dialect of a language, so if they want to say “I don’t know the dialect of X,” then they can say “I don’t know the dialect of X.”
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This does not mean that they don’t know the dialect. Their study of the dialect is just as important as learning the words and syntax of the words. It is also a good strategy to learn the lexis and grammars of words, so that at a certain point you know all the meanings of the words. To be a Transviliquist, simply understand that you are not a beginner.

A Transviliquist has a good knowledge of a language to begin with, because they have taken a language class prior to learning it. However, once they have a better grasp of the language, they may also start to see some of its nuances. This is important because if a Transviliquist is looking for one particular grammatical rule, their initial instinct is to ask the teacher to teach him/her one rule for a language they are using that they are used to. When this happens, the Transviliquist sees that an instruction that they saw is completely wrong. The Transviliquist takes the rules that the teacher taught at the beginning and uses them in a different context.

Transviliquists get a sense of the way language works from taking a language class, so a Transviliquist can often get very good at understanding how a language works. They can do this even without going to a language class.

The Transviliquist also has to learn how the language behaves and what its structure is like and what the word structure is meant to be in a word. This information is not available to anyone else, as it is not available to a native speaker of the language. So a Transviliquist who already knows what to expect from a certain aspect of a language has to learn how they are expected to behave in a certain context.

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