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October 28, 2020

(1) What does Jeff Dunham call his puppets? (2) What kind of toy does Jeff Dunham use with his puppets? (3) Why does Jeff Dunham say he’s looking for “M.I.A.”, an acronym for Malcolm X? (4) Why is Jeff Dunham wearing a dress? (5) Why isn’t Jeff Dunham in a white hooded jacket? (6) If Jeff Dunham had a dream in which he walked away from the world, what do his dreams involve? (7) Is Jeff Dunham a puppet or a man? (8) Who are the original designers of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? (9) What is the name of the main theme song that was composed for the film? (10) How much of Jeff Dunham’s personal information is stored in his personal website? (11) How does Jeff Dunham like his hair? (12) How do Jeff Dunham’s puppets talk to each other? (13) How does Jeff Dunham pay for his television series? (14) What kind of character does “Darth Vader” believe he is? (15) What kind of character does “The Joker” believe he is? (16) What does Jeff Dunham believe is the definition of perfection? (17) How do puppet puppets talk when the puppet is not smiling? (18) How much of the puppet’s face is covered by his or her helmet? (19) Does Jeff Dunham believe in reincarnation? (20) Who are the producers of the film Jeff Dunham made with his puppets? (21) If Jeff Dunham wrote every word of his own personal website, what would it be called? (22) What kind of “Dude” is Jeff Dunham? What kind of personality type does he have? (23) What is Jeff Dunham’s definition of manliness? (24) How do Jeff Dunham’s puppets feel about being “Darth Vader”?

About Jeff Dunham

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Jeff Dunham was born in the early 1970s in the small town of Paintsville, Georgia. He graduated from a Christian school in Atlanta with honors in the 1960s; then attended a secular school in Memphis, Tennessee. He spent much of his adolescence watching a lot of old westerns and was a big fan of the Lone Ranger. He said that his father always liked the movies to the point where they came into play in all of his favorite games – football, basketball, baseball, basketball, and baseball, with boxing and pinball becoming a special sport for

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