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August 15, 2020

I think he is. I love it! There are just so many fun things to do! And of course for kids that love ventriloques, I had to have a little character for them, Robbie! He’s got the red nose of a ventriloquist dummy. That’s right, you can use that on this ventriloquist to get some laughs. The little guy will be in the show.

Can you share some of the props that will be in for the show?

It’s really more like the prop department was able to find a couple of really unique, unique, wonderful places to hang out. I really think that we have a lot of options, but one of the major things going into this show was to find a place that is family friendly, that is kind of a family thing, that is fun. The set is set up for different ages, and we really want to find a place that has this theme and it does not feel like, on a lot of shows, like the kids are just sitting around the set all the time; we want to build up the kids and create a setting that makes them feel like they are part of it and it feels like the show is for them. There is some set that is a little bit more like an arcade and then there some that is more like a house, so it’s really about finding what is family friendly. So there is like a house set and a room set with a wall around it, which we’ll probably keep and use as a little arcade, and then there’s a little room with a pool table and other things so that it feels like it’s for the actual kids to play with.

You mentioned the kids. How much do the kids get out of ventriloquists?

They are learning something, but for them this is something that they are going to be doing regularly as they grow up. They are going to be doing different ventriloquists and ventriloquist characters that will be going out on a few shows and that they will be playing with and they learn from, but it’s not a typical day at the ventriloque as it is on a typical TV show. They don’t get to see the show every day, which is the kind of stuff that is the point of having your real life kids out in the world.

Is this the last ventriloque on this series? What will there be future installments of the show?

Puppets Who Kill
I wish

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