Is Rex from Victorious real? – Ventriloquist Dummy

October 24, 2020

This has been a long story.

So let’s have a look at what we know so far about Rex, and then we’ll take a step back and get a full picture of the man, what he did, and what he means to all wrestling fans. I don’t mean to harp on him too much, but I will.

So Rex is from the UK, which is the same place that we thought Chyna was from. There are some similarities between a WWE and a UK wrestling company.

Rex is from Preston on the other hand (the place that is known for the British football team Liverpool and the British Airways airline).

Here’s a quick quiz. Name a wrestler who is a fan favourite in the UK. He’s good, very good, or fantastic. What’s your guess.

Chyna. Probably.

The Rock. Probably.

Nathan Hale. Probably.

Pundits sometimes talk about whether Chyna is a UK legend.

My guess is that her legend would extend far beyond the UK and that the legend of her was a UK legend, too.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it. She’s famous across the pond. She’s on TV. She’s been on every talk show and in every media outlet.

That’s not only in the UK, though. Here’s what I’ve learned about the most famous wrestler born in London: He is one of the most exciting talents on the planet, he’s a wrestling legend and a great ambassador for wrestling, and he’s on TV more than anyone else.

Let’s start with the last part.

In the UK, Chyna is an ambassador.

When you’re just starting out in the business, you want to prove to everybody you’re legit, you don’t want to sound like a fraud.

Chyna’s story is an exciting one.

The girl that was born just a little while ago, this is actually her dad’s story, but Chyna has told her story with incredible flair and it certainly doesn’t sound like it was easy.

In her first meeting, she was born at home in Preston, England, without her father being there. All she had was her mom, whose name she is known by now.

She was very shy and timid as a child. But she kept on at it and when she got older a brother and sisters also found out what she was.


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