How puppets are made and operate? – Learn Books Of The Bible Worksheet

October 13, 2020

Pairing: The combination of a puppet with a computer.

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A puppet in its entirety, one single frame of a puppet, and with which the computer will work. The computer will take a picture of the object and send it through the camera in such a way that the object can appear alive.

To combine a puppet with a computer is easy. Two computer users combine the picture into a single object, and then they give the resulting pair of objects a name, such as “Cobra” or “Bobo”. So the computer takes a picture of the puppet, gives the image of the creature to the user as an input, in a “Cobra” or a “Bobo” position, and finally sends them the new picture through the computer. To combine the puppets with the computer is a tricky business.

The main problem in making a computer look like a puppet would be in “placing details”. And that is why the puppets in the movie are made out of things that cannot be placed on a video screen. In our computer, the user would write to the computer a list of things that he wants to see. But a single, human hand would not be able to do this. So the computer would take a picture of that list, and then it will take a picture of each image that is in the list. Then the computer will add the results and the human will add the results, until they have the results that were there already before. In a way, this is like adding items or places on a list, but here the order of the operations of adding and being added is different. So if we see something, the computer just adds a part to the list. The image goes in place. The computer adds and adds. The computer, like a puppeteer, also adds a piece, and then places a new part on the list. The human does the same. So now the computer comes and we see what they have created. A robot is still part of the computer and so it has some parts. But the computer is adding and adding.

In the meantime, the person holding the computer, if the computer is still on, does the same action that was shown in the movie. The computer does the same thing all over the place. This action is called moving into place, or making it move, so that we can see it moving. When it is moving, the computer looks like a puppet but it doesn’t move all over the place

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