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August 4, 2020

But the truth is, of all the shows on cable TV, and in a variety of new formats, there’s actually nobody more popular than the current series, The Daily Show. Its six most recent episodes—four on Monday night and four on Tuesday—have all been the most-watched episodes of The Daily Show (1.6 million, according to the Live +3 ratings, which count only the overnight in-the-trenches audience). And not in a bad way.

That’s a high-water mark. The show’s first season drew 1.3 million live-plus-7 viewers a night, the show’s closest on the evening, for the two weeks of August 24-28. For context, Comedy Central had only aired a single show on the same day with a higher-than-average audience in that time, “The Jim Gaffigan Show,” four weeks earlier. On Monday, it drew 1.8 million viewers, for four times the audience of “The Daily Show” itself.


This may simply mean that, when you look at the live-plus-seven audience for “The Daily Show,” it looks like more than a dozen different shows: “The Graham Norton Show,” “Real Time With Bill Maher” (with “The Daily Show’s” Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee), “The Colbert Report,” “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” and the “Colbert Report” (which features Bill Maher, of course). They all draw roughly the same numbers. And the Daily Show drew the most viewers on any night, and the most viewers ever.

As I’ve said, this is no small achievement. Even more impressive, then, is the reason the show gets so much respect. “The Daily Show” had won the network’s competition. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show had won the Emmy and Peabody award for best variety show in 2006. “The Daily Show” had won a Peabot’s Award for Best Political Comedy in 2010. For better or for worse, that was its fate, too.

It’s easy to see how Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert could do so much so fast—how that two-week run can seem impossibly short before you realize, just before you realize how incredible that time has felt, like an eternity.

And what do you do in that moment, really? You feel it hard. You feel sick, so sick and full of grief, so so full that you feel

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