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October 25, 2020

How much is a voice of a human?

From my point of view I believe that it is possible with perfect technique to give the whole body a voice. Some people say: “Oh, he does not mean any offence. He just wants to make people laugh.” But in my case it happens to me to the extent you can do it with a laugh and a smile. And then it is hard to keep your eyes closed at the same time. I’ve lost many clients by that. And many others have been told that this kind of voice makes them look stupid.”

Are they listening to what you’re saying or what they’re thinking?

With a ventriloquist I try to use my body, my voice, to create what’s inside the mouth. Now for every action I do, there is a reaction; I have both. But I don’t use my voice to talk or to explain something to a person. In every movement, there are two different states: “I want to” and “I don’t want to.” It’s not like a puppet where you have one movement that makes someone want to put their arm around you and something else that makes them not want to do the thing. In my view, in every way – in movement, facial expression and so on – I’m the one who does the work. That’s important because I’m not the one who says “I want to” either. I’m only the one who is making it happen. It seems to me that it’s only the people who have the desire or the desire to create that I use their voice for. Of course if I try to do a trick only for myself, and it works, then it will be interesting. But I always use the voice of a human. It will be my responsibility not to use a human voice.

If a ventriloquist puts his hand behind his head and it doesn’t move – does he stop it?
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This often happens. It is as if the voice of a human was not a voice at all but only a gesture behind. And I don’t know whether this happens because of my technique or if it must be so. It is a fact. But a ventriloquist may have the same situation happen to him where when his head is above the table he does not use his whole body to move, but leaves his hand behind at the same time. It happens only when he makes his voice. When he does, everything is normal. And when he

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