How do you throw a ball fast? – Secret To Ventriloquism

August 30, 2020

[Laughs]. It’s hard.

“I can do 10 throw outs per day. And the most I’ve ever thrown was a couple thousand. I just got better with it. At my age, I have no problem throwing the ball 100 miles an hour. I would love to throw in a mile and beat my own personal records. But I’m at about 95 miles per hour, but I can make all kinds of throw outs.”

In baseball, even as it is being embraced more and more, players want to be the best and the fastest. The average pitcher throws about 85 miles an hour, while the average hitter throws about 95, and many of them are fastballs.

“I just think it’s a great thing,” said Gomes. “I like to watch baseball and get my adrenaline going. If I go out every day and hit a home run, that usually puts them in my head. So it’s just a nice thing to do.”

Gomes is an inspiration, however, because when it comes to how he trains, he’s on top of it.

“I try to live a normal lifestyle,” he said of his work routine, “no smoking, not eating, having a good diet, and just focusing on getting back on the field.”

But with the ball coming off his bat, Gomes is able to have a few special moments when he does.

For one, he’ll often get a couple of guys to call him over for a throw-down.

“They’ll just come to me and say ‘hey’ and say ‘hey’ or ‘hey’ and say ‘hey,’ and then go from there,” he said.

He will throw the ball in front of teammates and the fans as well, such as he did once to Jose Bautista last year.

Gomes also works out with other pitchers and catchers on a regular basis, with the goal of making some big improvement in how he’s throwing.

The goal will be to throw “fastball, slider, changeup, curveball, change, curve, and maybe sinker.”

“Every day I have to do better and better and better,” said Gomes, “because I know what it takes to win in the big leagues.

“That’s what goes to my head every day, not to pitch hard and not to win. What’s most important is winning in the big leagues. … I can go out there

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