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September 17, 2020

When you’re in your sleep, you can’t. You can see your tongue, but what you can’t, it’s not going to be able to tell what’s on the other side. It doesn’t know what your mouth is. It knows what your tongue is, but what’s on the other side is not going to be able to tell what’s in there.

When you have these kind of experiences, it’s like you are being sucked into another realm. It’s like you go out and see something completely new, and then you go back. It’ll be like you are on a rollercoaster ride on a rollercoaster, and you’ve just come to a stop here, you’re on to the next thing.

Then it’s like you’re not even in the same place anymore. There’s this incredible freedom to be able to go anywhere, but we’re being sucked into this other place.

MARTIN: How do we know this?

GREEN: I think it’s based on these experiences.

MARTIN: You’re saying it’s based on these experiences, Dr. Gurdeep Grewal?

GARY: That’s right. I am a physician. I am a psychologist. I’m a neuroscientist. And all I tell my clients is “Do you remember this feeling?” And often we find that we can go back to that experience, but we’ve lost all memory of it.

MARTIN: All right. A number of us in our interviews talk about what we call waking up in a different way. Maybe you can give you an example?

GADRANAN: The dream in which I was having visions was very similar. I was having visions of what appeared to be a large house with an ornate design. It didn’t look like a house. It was much too big, it didn’t look like a house. It was like a very tall building. I looked up. And on my right was a building like that, an apartment building.

It was very bright. The whole building was very bright. It wasn’t as intense as those visions that you get when you’re very sleep-deprived. I would actually awake a few hours later.

So, one morning I was in my bed, and I remember waking up when an orange light came out from the back of my bedroom door. And right away I knew that the orange light was not coming from

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