How do you talk with a puppet? – Ventriloquist Letter B

August 27, 2020

You must be very careful, as it could be like a conversation between a child and a parent!

So what is it like to interact with puppets, and how can we best share our experiences?

Puppetry has a unique, and yet oddly intimate connection with children, because they are the subjects

of the puppetry. This is particularly true for girls, and for young girls.

I think I have tried my hand at puppetry with a baby, but my experience with it is limited. I have a special attachment to the baby, and it seems there is always a way to create magic for her. She is always at my side, crying, fussing, and begging me for my puppets. She may have some trouble keeping them away from me, which I don’t mind. The more I watch them, the more my attachment to them grows. Sometimes, I think it’s because we have to create such a beautiful scene that our baby looks at me in amazement, and in a way I feel very happy, because now we have the perfect moment to make another magic moment for ourselves.

One of the main things I try to keep in mind when I come up with a new puppet is the time needed to make the magic. It can be as short as two minutes or longer, because as puppeteers, we work with two persons, and that’s not always practical.

If you are working at home, you may need to create magic within a couple of minutes (depending on the complexity and time needed). If your own time is limited, you can make the magic for yourself, and then make a quick recording with your children and family, which you can then send to the puppet maker. The children will then come and share their magic moments with the puppeteers in the living room.

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For a short version of the magic sequence we created, click here.

How do you tell a child about what is happening with a puppet, and how do you share your puppetry with your family?

They say that when you are talking about puppetry, children will think that you are talking to you.

But that doesn’t matter! Our magic is with us, and not with them and only with us!

What should children know about puppetry?

You can learn a lot about puppetry from your young children, but what is important is that they understand how it actually feels to be a subject in a pupp

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