How do you talk in your stomach? – Rock N Learn Books Of The Bible In 10

October 21, 2020

I’ve done this for years in my family. You think I’m crazy, but as a kid I used to go to school with a doctor and we’d have a discussion about the gut microbiota. We would share that conversation as we talked about all the things that were good and bad, and all this stuff we did that was making us sick – so we didn’t really talk about food for a long time because food wasn’t an issue. We thought it was just a big issue in the Western world.

Now I would think “What is it that we’re really doing there, in order to put us in this position where we can get these kinds of symptoms?”, or “Is this really a normal thing in our bodies?” If something is wrong with your gut or you feel your digestion is off, is that because you’re eating too much wheat, you’re eating too much gluten, you’re eating too much antibiotics – it could be just very complex. But if you are eating the right foods and the right quantity of nutrients, you feel well, you’re not in pain, you don’t feel full or not quite full.

So I believe, as a clinician, that that’s what most of those people are experiencing, and I also believe, as a clinician, that if something is wrong in the body, you need to go see a general practitioner as quickly as possible. So I don’t think that the Western lifestyle causes you to become ill, it’s a disease – we just didn’t think of it that way.

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[Audience laughter]

What are the chances that you’d have a gut condition?

Not very high. One study in Australia that was really quite interesting, found that around 50% of the patients with inflammatory bowel disease in the general population had gastrointestinal symptoms, and around 40% had gastrointestinal symptoms that were related to autoimmune diseases. So, I think these symptoms, they’re really rare, but they’re not totally unheard of.

Do you feel guilty about it?

I feel guilty, like I should stop eating wheat.


Yeah, and this has been a very stressful time, I’m very worried about my food – it’s like a big thing, like a big concern.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts about how to deal with stuff in this room. I mean, what’s the answer? What’s the right way to live, and what’s the best way to be healthy?

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