How do you talk in your stomach? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Fast-Food Keto

November 16, 2020

You can’t have just one language in your stomach, you need to have two.

If there’s a meal waiting to be prepared just before you go to bed,

then you need to have your stomach

in all its native state, that is what your stomach really is…

It’s something else you need to be prepared for.

It is nothing more, nothing less

than all its parts

of the same thing

the one thing your stomach is…

It is nothing like a stomach in the real world

it’s more like a stomach in your head…

This is the body that you are going to go and see,

this is the place you need to go,

and you need to be aware of all this…

so that you can go to the real place

and not to whatever the belly of what is your own mind is

that is the place you need to be,

to become what your belly is…

The real you.

So let’s get back to my stomach and my stomach in a little bit.

Imagine your belly is a giant mirror that is looking all over the world

like it’s looking at our entire universe through this gigantic mirror

like it’s looking all around at this whole universe and seeing what they are seeing

like they’re looking at this earth, this sun, this moon, this sun, and the earth

like you are a part of all this through your stomach

the whole universe you’re so much a part of

that, just like you’re this part of the body of my body and my stomach

you are a part of all this at the same time

when you sit there, what am I going to say? I’m going to say I’m an expert with my stomach

and stomach and stomach and stomach’s belly, and it’s going to make sense right?

It’s funny that I thought so at first

when I’m sitting at my desk and the world just kind of goes,

“Ah, well…”

It might be a joke, but don’t think that for an instant

that you are not going to understand

as this body just keeps going on,

stretching the rest of my body,

the world around me,

and all the various parts inside of my body


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