How do you say p without moving your lips? – Maher Ventriloquist Course

August 10, 2020

You can’t. This is a problem that you don’t even have to think about right now. You say “p” but don’t really move your mouth. You look at the mirror. You don’t say, “Pisces.” You’re not aware that you’re not even speaking. You’re staring at the wall.

You’ve been working on it for so long that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. So you come to realize that you’ve been talking to the wall. You have an internalized habit of speaking to the wall every time you talk.

How much do you think that each time you walk up to the mirror, you’re just staring at the wall? Most people are just staring. I guess that’s how we roll.

This same habit is a problem in relationship with your friends. People are so used to hearing every word, “You’re so cute.” Or, “You, you are so smart.” As if we all want attention and praise and approval every time we act. We don’t even know how to talk, what to say, what’s appropriate, when something’s right.

If you ask someone in real life what they’re doing, they say: “I’m at work.” And maybe this is the truth, but as you look into someone’s eyes and they look back, do you look at the floor? Or do you look at the ceiling?

So instead of saying, “You’re so cute.” or “You’re so intelligent.” or “You look so beautiful.” or “I love you,” say something like, “I’m listening.”

Sometimes you don’t want to be there. So you say, “I’m just here at home, sitting here with you.”

You tell your husband: “We’re having a lot of trouble. Can we do something about this? I feel bad that we can’t. I love you.”

Even though you don’t want to be there, you realize that you’re making a real effort for them.

I know you’re saying this sounds corny, but that’s what it is. I know I sound corny, but that’s what I’m saying. You’re trying your best to be present for them.

Sometimes I get really pissed off with someone I know and they say something really nice to me. Then I realize, “Oh shit. I’m being ridiculous.” And then I have something to say to them. My husband

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