How do you say B in ventriloquism? – How To Sing Ventriloquist

August 9, 2020

The first part is pronounced BOO-oh. This is the sound the ventriloquist produces when speaking. The word is pronounced in its full form, BOO-oh-ee, which is a shortening of boo-oh-chay.

How can you describe what the sound of BOO-oh means?

Just say the word at the end of each set of sentences, and see if your friends and colleagues react.

Do BOO-ohs exist?

Yes! They are heard today as part of a popular musical technique called “vocaloid.” These sound effects, produced by computer programs, are used to create dramatic and beautiful sounds for anime, games and television shows.

To learn more about vocaloid, go to this article from Wired about it.

Can BOO-ohs be used in a way you can’t even begin to understand?

Yeah! Here’s some of the fun you can have with it: How about putting a BOO-oh-chay for “BOO-oh-cheese” into an audio clip? Or adding a BOO-oh-cheese-like noise to the end of a sentence? How about an “oh and so-o” sound effect? You get the idea. But the only thing you should avoid with them is making them sound too similar to any other word or sound. The original words, the ventriloquist calls out when he sings, just have to be the same as BOO-oh-ee.

What about a BOO-oh-cheese effect?

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Well, if the ventriloquist sounds exactly like a chipper cheese, the result is a cheese-cheese effect. In addition to the cheese-cheese sound, it has the same mouth movement of chipper cheese. But if the ventriloquist sounds like he’s choking from the sound, he’s actually choking from the sound. The result is a cheese-choking effect.

Do BOO-oh-chays exist?

Yes. They’re used by a company called P-ONE. One of the names of the company is “phantom-phogee.” These have become the newest type of BOO-oh-ee. They’ve been around for six years; they were introduced at the BOO-ee Expo in New York City. There are about twenty different kinds of phogee. Some, like

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