How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdfab 11 Download

September 3, 2020

One idea is to use an old, cheap sewing machine, but this isn’t cheap, and it can break if your child gets the machine too hot. This means that a more expensive method is needed, and that’s what this tutorial is about.
Mr. D's Daily Ventriloquist Journal: September 2011

First, we’ll need to buy the PVC piping with the right gauge – the “right” is the size that’s appropriate for the diameter of your dummy – in this case, 10′ – because it’s a 3′ long piece of PVC pipe, and in this case, we want the dummy to look like a small, 2′ long child. PVC in this form is commonly known as Nylon, but you’ll rarely see it in stores or used in home plumbing supplies.

Next we will cut to the PVC pipes lengthwise to make the ends for a tube. We’ll measure the length of the end to make sure it’s a round. If you’re careful, you can get around the 2″ marking on any pipe, but you’ll find it easier with a yardstick. (There are a small group of people that have created PVC “bricks” that can be cut and then bent in any given direction and then soldered together, but these are not the most reliable method of shaping PVC.)

If you’re only making one end, make sure the end you’re cutting has enough head room – if you cut at a diagonal, the head is cut off the end, and your dummy will look like it has “neck” in the middle of the pipe. Make sure you cut through enough of the pipe and do it in one piece – the more of the PVC you cut, the greater the chances of tearing the PVC through the pipe from the end. (Be sure to make sure the bottom half of the end is not being cut.) When you cut through enough of the pipe you will have enough PVC to make the pipe as long as you need it. You’ll likely have to make 1-2″ more than you need to get it to a length that’s appropriate for the diameter of your dummy.

Now go back to the PVC pipe and cut the tube for the dummy. With the end of the tube removed, cut two 3/8″ wide strips of pipe of the correct gauges – you may need to cut a few 2′ strips. Once the strips are cut, tape one to the length of the pipe along the two 2″ strips. Now use a pair of clippers to cut to your length, and make sure

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