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October 6, 2020

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I do this with a plastic “box” and a rubber grommet at the bottom. The box must be so small that even little fingers can fit inside. The lid has the plastic “crash” type cover and is screwed on, but you can screw it on with screws, nails or whatever else works. A small “jumbo funnel” that fits perfectly in the bottom must be attached.

And if you want to make a dummy that is more elaborate, you need a ventriloquist puppet who is not limited only by his hands but also his head. How to build this puppet?

Here is a list of the most common sizes and styles of ventriloquists puppets.

Miniature (3-4″ tall, 3-4″ wide, 2-3″ long), approx. $25

Medium (3-4″, 5-6″, 7-8″, 9-11″, 12-13″), approx. $30

Large (5-7″, 8-10″, 11-13″, 14-15″, 16-17″), approx. $40

And this is how it looks like in action.

Can a ventriloquist dummy be used as a prop in a play?

I have not done this yet, but I imagine if there was a puppet for play I would use it as a prop. The reason is that the puppet is so short and so thin. It moves so much that your child would get bored. I also have no doubt that you are very happy with the puppet when it shows up at the end of your next birthday party without having to change out his nose, ears, lips or hair. Even when the puppet is very small, you won’t mind having it as a guest at the party.

What size dummy should I make for the ventriloquist dummy?

It depends on the size and how much fun you think you will have making him. The smallest puppet can have 10 to 12 inches in length, while the longest will have about 20 feet in length. My dummy goes up to 20 inches; it has been my favorite puppet ever since I learned to make it!

What kind of puppet should I buy?

You need at least a 3 1/2 foot and 6 1/2 inch long puppet.

If you want a doll to act as the dummy, you may want to go with that, because it is a pretty doll. But just

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