How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Alphabet Band Book Listen And Learn Book

October 7, 2020

  In order to be able to turn your knuckles back and forth, you have to move the head inside out.  The more you turn the head, the more the soft parts of the knuckles separate from each other as the head moves.  As you turn the knuckles, you need to add more pressure and the soft part starts to separate at the base of each knuckle.  (To learn more about this, look on our blog and read on.)  One way to do this is via the following steps:
Step 1.  Step 1:
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Step 1 can be done with a small plastic nose/eye pendant or the nose or mouth of your choice.
Step 2.  Step 2:
In this method you must make a loop on each hand, and then a loop on the tip of each of your knuckles.  From there, you can take a string and thread the string onto your hand and do whatever you’d like.  For example, if you like to make your puppet mouth, you can do whatever you’d like, such as do you choose to hold the string up and start to turn it, or you can use a rubber band and spin it in a circle.  In my mind, this is a much more fun way to play with the puppet.  You can do this with either hand or both, but that’s up to you.
Step 3.  Step 3:
Step 3 may sound very complicated, but really just a few basic things are required.  The first is a string.  You need something to tie something onto.  For small puppets this can usually be a string, for bigger ones, a pair of pliers or another small clip.  You can also do this with a toothpick or you can use a rubber band and a hair dryer.
Step 4.  Step 4:
Step 4 is a little easier to do with small puppet’s as they don’t need to be made into a ring, but you will probably need another looped string to tie a pair of scissors onto.  That’s not a very fun trick to perform, but it can be very helpful.
Step 5.  Step 5:
Step 5 is probably one of the easiest and easiest way to create your puppet mouth.  You can make it with one hand if you prefer, but that’s more like a puzzle and you will have to spend a long time making it.  You will probably want to keep one hand for the ring

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