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October 20, 2020

“The first step is to make sure it’s as natural sounding as possible. When you don’t want to use a microphone, make your own voice by singing your first line. Make a song out of a line you could make sounds out of. If you can sing and sing in a really deep voice, it helps.”

The Obama administration’s new environmental regulations will require an immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from existing energy sources like coal-fired power plants and natural gas. But there’s a loophole that could make it harder for the administration to meet its ambitious target, the American Energy Alliance points out. This would mean some new coal and natural gas-fired power plants would likely become more polluting.

That’s because those plants would need to comply with stricter emission standards under the new guidelines, rather than the standards that are currently in place. Currently, the EPA has a voluntary system in place based on various industry standards, which the agency can adjust if new research or environmental concerns force them to go higher. In this way, the EPA can even change the standard as it sees fit.


But the new regulations won’t be fully implemented until the 2020s. That’s the year that President Obama has set as a deadline for the transition from coal-fired power to low carbon energy sources. And given the industry’s history of blocking the EPA to go after coal plant emissions, the new EPA rules could be a particularly difficult target to reach. With no current emissions standards for coal-fired power—except perhaps those for emissions in the industrial sector—a decision to allow all but certain current coal power plants to continue spewing dirty emissions would take place before most coal plants in America have even run out of their existing operating leases.

There’s also the fact that there aren’t many existing low-carbon energy sources that are more polluting than coal. Some estimates put the yearly equivalent of carbon emissions from electricity generation from the top two sources in the United States, coal and natural gas, at around 5.2 billion tons of CO2. Coal emits slightly more carbon-dioxide per dollar of generated electricity than natural gas. Those are pretty similar numbers to what’s been calculated for coal plants in recent years. According to the American Energy Alliance, current coal plants emit around 300 times more carbon dioxide than the current EPA estimate.

That’s why the American Energy Alliance would like President Obama to direct his EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, to immediately delay the proposed rules while the White House conducts a study of

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