How do you make a dummy? – How To Learn The Books Of The Old Testament

September 12, 2020

– Well I didn’t know I could make a dummy but I was making me a dummy – so I made me a dummy and I put him on the floor and turned on his side and I took his legs – I started to kick his leg in – like to see what he was going to do – like trying to teach him not to do it – so this is the way he was doing it and one of my friends was kicking him in that leg. And then I saw his legs was like falling down on the floor. He was like struggling to get those legs back and I just came out of the room and picked him up – and he came into my room and I kept him under guard and I got the kid and got rid of all the cops. – You don’t even know how much it cost me to do it that day – But I was kind of pissed – I had seen all the guys and I had seen everything. Because they told me this – and then I had seen this dude go over there and they had the little black dude with a bunch of cops and this kid in a big blue parka with the cops and the cops with the big blue parka – And it looked like they were going out to get the kid. And I’m like – This is really fucked up. It’s crazy what these gangs had done. I don’t wanna do nothing with this shit. – And that didn’t help the situation. – So, he wasn’t gonna go back and he saw what was happening and didn’t want to do anything so he came over and sat down beside me – and that’s when I knew – We were in the hospital like 20 minutes. And I started telling them the story. I couldn’t understand it. But we were all getting very sick, everybody was getting sick and tired and it was starting to get very uncomfortable. – It was very embarrassing to be in the hospital with all these guys and be like – the whole thing happened because I told the cops. I had the kids under guard and they found out. They got rid of it and they came out and let the dogs go – and I got out of there fast and they picked up the kid. And he was there for four days in the hospital. – And I was getting sick and tired of it. – The whole thing didn’t help. – If he got into that parka again. – Well he did, he did. – He was out doing business with a big guy – who I had no reason to not trust.
Translated version of http://derjulian.net/projects/roboking

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