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October 8, 2020

I’ve asked a lot of people, and most say they have done it once. They’ve learned by simply watching their teacher. But the question becomes who’s watching them? Who’s providing encouragement, telling them when to breathe and when to hold their breath?

There’s no doubt that a teacher is vital to learning to ventriloquism — just as there’s a role for parents, guides, and others to help children learn their craft. But the question is, who’s watching them?

Is it the audience for the technique? Or the person teaching that person? Maybe they’re the same person. Maybe there’s a teacher. The key is figuring out who’s watching you.

That’s why I decided to start asking friends for suggestions on what teachers might be watching, and what those teachers might be learning. For those questions, I had to set aside the idea that the teacher was merely providing instruction.

One morning, the idea of teaching an old friend — a teacher in his late 80s, who’d been teaching at a school in the same small town my friend lives in — came to me. I’d been meaning to ask him if he’d teach ventriloquism again. To do so would have been to see how far we’d come in just one lesson. But he had to agree.

In this interview, I describe the steps my friend took to learn how to teach ventriloquism with no guidance whatsoever from anyone else, and how he ended up teaching a class of 20 kids, five of whom are new to ventriloquism. But the advice that follows is meant for anyone who might want to learn the art of ventriloquism, whether you’re working to learn by watching yourself on YouTube, teaching a friend, or teaching an audience.

I am a musician — what can I learn from ventriloquism?

To begin, I know you’re wondering what you can learn from the art of ventriloquism. I’ve written many articles (I’m working on at least one more): http://www.npr.org/blogs/pundits/2013/08/15/45332581/the-art-of-v-u-for-musicians

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